Our story

After graduating from an Ivy League college I realized my passion was truly in the service industry, rather than the corporate world, so I strove to create a family company that was known for high standards and consistency. We specialize in deep cleaning, post-construction, and detail work. When you want a step above white glove service-- choose the Ivy Glove. 

Why hire us?

Bonded and Insured

We are insured to protect against mistakes, or inadvertent damages. It provides not only practicality, but peace of mind.


You can book services online, pay online via invoice, or cancel online. We also offer a multitude of Add-Ons to compliment your cleaning services, choose none, choose one, or choose several, sit back and relax as the Ivy Glove takes care of the dirty work.


Our team is consistent, each job is done with quality. The mission of my company is simple: work hard, work honest, and work with standards. These qualities endure the success of any project. 

Quality Products

We use commercial grade cleaning products, chosen specifically for the various types of stone, metal, and flooring in all of our cleaning projects.


Your cleaning professional should have a knowledge of chemistry and a deep understanding of which products to use on your precious surfaces.